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Zentility started its journey in 2017 with a vision of making energy purchasing more transparent and automated using technology. Driving down the cost, providing peace of mind, and putting the power back in the hands of the customer.

Zentility is not your average company. It joins a select number of companies, that believe that one day very soon, automated technology will be part of everyday life. Therefore a lot of the manual data processing we see today through roles such as energy brokers and consultants, will be an absolute thing of the past.

Co-Founders Ryan Peusch CEO (left) and Craig Tobe CTO (Center) with Dan George CMO

The early 21st century has pushed user experience to the front-front of technology and people now have expectations that were once a novelty or came at high cost.

Zentility has put it's stake in the ground as the technological pioneer within the retail energy industry. We hope you can join us on this very exciting journey.

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Are you an energy advisor looking to differentiate yourself in your market? Zentility developed tiLi. A new energy buying and management platform for energy advisors who want to stand out.

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"Running a business during a global pandemic is something I could have never imagined. Call it human nature, but I find small comfort knowing when I have a firm pulse on items within my actual span of control – energy cost management being one of them."

Zentility’s CEO urging you to focus on “Controlling the Controllables”

Need a ride? Click on Uber. Need electricity for your business? Click on Zentility.

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What people say

Jim Cawley, Former Commissioner and Chair of PA PUC and Zentility's Chief Strategist

“Zentility is the kind of high tech business advisor that we always hoped would evolve to bring transparency and innovation to electric choice. Much lower electricity broker fees (now hidden in a business's kWh price). Custom matching of load and competitive suppliers. 24/7 bill monitoring for utility errors. Electric choice made easy, and profitable!”