We are reenergizing energy procurement

Our mission is to transform an antiquated industry through intuitive digital experiences that streamline energy procurement and propel businesses towards a sustainable future.

Ryan Peusch

CEO and Co-founder

Our Business

It is our mission to turn energy brokering from a fragmented and antiquated industry to being tech-focused, delivering operational scale and new revenue opportunities for our partners, and memorable digital experiences for their customers.


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Our Culture

We encourage those that have a passion for progressing their vision. We speak in open forums across all parts of the industry, and with key partners and customers, as we continue to better ourselves and the technology experience.

At other startups I've worked at, none could compare to the level of detail and appreciation a small change can make to improve the user's experience.

Cassandra Heller


In only the few years I’ve been here, we’ve already innovated more than the 10 years spent at my last company combined. The technology behind the scenes moves that quickly.

Howard Ross IV

Product Development

Unlike many companies where I might be just another brick in the wall, Zentility's core values represent a space for entrepreneurial spirits to run free, and a place where our contributions never go unnoticed.

Katie Robinson

Supplier Relations

It’s amazing to see our team’s compelling visions translate into viable solutions that break through the noise of the marketplace. I’m beyond excited for our company’s future!

Kristin Warriner

Business Development

At Zentility, not only do we evolve quickly, but we also do it with the highest industry and quality standards, and that's what makes working here so much more fulfilling.

Mala Kalra

Product Development

Insights and Opinions

The future starts with AI: Technology, automation, and AI are safeguarding the energy industry.

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