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Energy is required to run a business and it is often a critical decision given the cost. Our Partners are changing the conversation and businesses are benefiting as a result.

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Energy is required to run a business and it is often a critical decision given the cost. Our Partners are changing the conversation and businesses are benefiting as a result.

The beauty behind our tech

We often categorize businesses in one of two camps; those that are partnering directly with one supplier or with reputable 3rd party ABC's. Each approach has its own merits and is, in our opinion, a requirement when you consider the nuanced differences between each supplier's products and procurement process.

Small, medium, and large players across the following industries are benefitting from technology that elegantly scales to support the needs of their unique business.

Real Estate

REITs, Asset Management Companies, Property Managers, Real Estate Development Companies.


Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Theme Parks, Franchises.


Large Licensed Gaming Resorts.


Universities, Campuses, High Schools, Learning Centers.


Hospitals, Clinics, Senior Living Facilities.


Industrial Manufacturers and Warehouses.

Changing the way people procure energy

It is time to start expecting more. Imagine a buying experience you feel good about participating in instead of an anxiety-inducing annoyance you avoid like the plague.

Proactively prepare your business for what is coming. Our network of certified tili Partners have a single vision that simplifies your experience, optimizes your data, and presents cost management opportunities based on your needs.

Confidently Assess AI-Driven Recommendations

Receive clear guidance when assessing market-timing opportunities by leveraging a historical market lookback on the likelihood that prices will increase or decrease.

Organize and Optimize Your Data

Onboard your data and allow the technology to assess usage, cost, and contracting status to keep a firm pulse on future procurement opportunities. Organize authorization documents and contracts within your customized dashboard.

Don’t Miss a Market Opportunity

Streamlined and intelligent digital contracting ensures you never miss a market opportunity to lock in a rate for electricity, natural gas, renewable energy credits, and carbon offsets.

Streamline Supplier Pricing Processes

Gain access to a network of over 30 reputable and vetted suppliers, all working through our Supplier Marketplace. Pricing is requested and returned within a digital report and the contracting process is completely transparent and secure.

Standardize Supplier Products

Be confident knowing the rates offered are for the same product. Suppliers name their products differently and certain configurations could include contract language that has an unintended impact on your bottom line. Clear product configurations are essential when making an apples-to-apples comparison.

Save Time Presenting Platform Value Internally

Present digital pricing reports with colleagues, and up the corporate ladder, without having to manipulate and “pretty-up” the results.

Blue Ocean

We have been shopping the energy markets for 8+ years now and highly recommend Zentility's tech. On top of the great energy management and monitoring software, the pricing is unbelievable, and has saved our organization over $100k annually.

Hannah Green

VP at Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is a property management company based in Reisterstown, MD.

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