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Smart Platform Features

One platform to control all of your energy procurement using these smart tools.


Compare thousands of prices seamlessly from multiple suppliers in one place, helping you make informed decisions for your portfolio


A comprehensive analysis and percentile ranking of historical pricing data / forward curve used to support critical decision making


An automated blind bid algorithm that groups and sends property accounts (meters) to Zentility's Supplier Marketplace where only the most reputable suppliers can compete


An industry-first 1-click energy contracting experience, with over 150 templated energy contracts catalogued in our Supplier Marketplace


A far superior and smarter procurement approach for custom and matrix pricing when compared to Reverse Auctions or Stack Ranking Websites

Custom Branding

Eliminate the need to manually send updates and create outdated spreadsheets or PDF reports. Use branded automated communications and professionally designed digital pricing reports to save time and increase customer contract satisfaction


A predictive data algorithm that provides backward and forward usage and cost trending to assist buyer analysis and supplier pricing

Energy Expense Management

Assistance with budgeting forecasting and monitoring your energy budget, usage and expenses

Seamless Data Uploads

Our platform allows users to upload large amounts of data all at once, rather than having to manually enter each piece of data individually or use an expensive energy data management service


Our RESTful Services (APIs) are stateless thus easily scalable, providing easy integration with existing energy management, bill-pay or sustainability platforms

Platform Benefits

We care deeply about our partners and the technology we build for them. Here are some of the benefits we'd like to present to you.

Dedicated Account Management

We provide a dedicated account manager so that there is always a name with a face. Around-the-clock support services are available through email and phone calls to assist you in guiding and managing your service

Save Money & Make Money

The Zentility platform empowers users to save money, make money, or achieve both. It's the optimal platform for monetizing energy data

Platform Training

Our expert trainers will provide you with one-on-one support, ensuring that you understand how to navigate the platform, compare energy rates, and manage your energy usage and costs

Automated Supplier Marketplace

Gain immediate access to verified competitive pricing and tailored contracts, as well as national licensing and an extended supplier network to help with Supplier Management

Standardize Supplier Products

Get clear and confident supplier rate comparisons with standardized product and energy component configurations

Easy Digital Collaboration

Simplify sharing of digital pricing reports and analytics with customers, colleagues or management under one end-to-end platform

Boost Transaction Velocity

Easily boost your booking speed by utilizing our all-in-one procurement tools, which enables you to manage all aspects of your operations on a single platform with the help of AI automation

AI-Driven Alerts

Over 100 automated, beautifully simple email alerts trained to immediately trigger notifications and actions to end-users keeping them informed and engaged

Data Organization & Optimization

Optimize the process of onboarding energy data and procuring energy with a tailored procurement dashboard, designed to streamline your portfolio's energy operations

Your Energy Procurement Platform

Save time and money on managing your energy expenses. Compare and switch energy suppliers with ease.

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