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A fortnightly newsletter that distills energy news into digestible sound bytes per region. Quick doses of information that give you an immediate view across the industry.

calendar_month 04/26/2023
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - April 2023
In the coming week, the Midwest, Ohio Valley, and East Coast will experience a brief period of cold weather, followed by a... Read more...
calendar_month 07/28/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - July 2022 - Edition 2
NERC: Industry sustains grid reliability amid extreme weather, cyberthreats, inverter issues. Read more...
calendar_month 07/15/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - July 2022 - Edition 1
Natural gas soars 700%, becoming driving force in the new Cold War. Shortages of the fuel are rippling throughout the... Read more...
calendar_month 06/30/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - June 2022 - Edition 2
Conservative approach to Texas grid operations could cost consumers $1.5B this year, says market monitor. Despite... Read more...
calendar_month 06/15/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - June 2022 - Edition 1
Last week’s explosion at Texas natural gas terminal Freeport LNG has injected further chaos into international energy markets as... Read more...
calendar_month 05/27/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - May 2022 - Edition 2
FERC to monitor gas, power markets for manipulation as forward summer electricity prices jump up to 233%... Read more...
calendar_month 05/11/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - May 2022 - Edition 1
The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently predicted that American LNG exports could increase 25 percent in 2022... Read more...
calendar_month 04/29/2022
ZenBytes Energy Newsletter - April 2022
EIA expects summer U.S. real gasoline and diesel prices to be the highest since 2014. The U.S. ended the winter with the least... Read more...

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