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FERC to monitor gas, power markets for manipulation as forward summer electricity prices jump up to 233%.

With wholesale electricity prices set to soar this summer, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will closely monitor the natural gas and power markets for possible market manipulation, according to Chairman Richard Glick.  (Utility Dive)

FERC commissioners respond to elevated power outage risks across two-thirds of US. (Utility Dive)

EIA expects solar and wind to be larger sources of U.S. electricity generation this summer. (U.S. Energy Information Administration, May 2022)

85 House members add to Senate calls for an end to anti-circumvention solar investigation. (Utility Dive)

US solar installations could fall 50% or more under new tariff. (Canary Media)

DOE launches $3.5B program for CO2 removal. (E&E News)

Higher Prices, Longer Queues Highlight FERC Market Report. (RTO Insider)


New England grid operator moves to delay reform of rule favoring fossil fuels 

A proposal from New England’s grid operator to delay a key reform that would enable more renewable energy sources to bid into the capacity market is prompting a torrent of protests in a proceeding before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The expressions of outrage follow what critics say was a last-minute flip-flop in ISO-New England’s position on what’s called the minimum offer price rule (MOPR), which sets an artificial bidding price floor for each type of state-supported clean energy resource in ISO’s annual forward capacity auctions. (Energy News Network)

While MOPR is intended to prevent state-sponsored bidders from offering low bids that could distort the market, the rule negatively impacts many renewable and clean energy resources, which often have state contracts and other subsidies. (


MISO projects risk of insufficient firm generation resources to cover peak load in summer months

Recently, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) projected the need for increased, non-firm imports and potentially emergency resources to meet the 2022 summer peak demand with warmer-than-normal temperatures forecasted throughout the MISO footprint. The summer peak forecast is 124 GW with 119 GW of projected regularly available generation within MISO. (MISO Energy)

Solar market turmoil delays shutdown of largest Indiana coal-fired power plant. (Energy Wire)

Renewable energy dependence could lead to rolling blackouts in Michigan this summer. (Fox News)

CenterPoint Energy receives approval for 335 MW renewable energy for southwestern Indiana. (Daily Energy Insider)


California PUC approves 462 MW of energy storage capacity for SCE

Southern California Edison (SCE) will gain 462 MW of energy storage capacity between August 2023 and June 2024, thanks to the approval of five new contracts by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) last week. (Daily Energy Insider)

Heat, Fire and Supply Chain Woes Threaten Calif. Reliability. (RTO Insider)


Texas power grid leaders say they’re confident the lights will stay on this summer

Texas Public Utility Commission Chair Peter Lake and ERCOT President Brad Jones tried to assure the public last Tuesday that the state’s grid is ready for summer, when they forecast record-breaking demand for electricity during the hottest stretches. (Texas Tribune)


PJM sees need for thermal power plants to protect against blackout risks amid rising electrification

Combining about 33 GW of electrification load with a 70% carbon-free generating fleet sharply shifts the risks of blackouts to the winter from the summer, reinforcing the need for enough fossil-fueled and nuclear power plants to meet demand, the PJM Interconnection said in a report Tuesday. (Utility Dive)

Dominion’s Virginia Offshore Wind Project Gets Some Love in Hearings. (RTO Insider)

PJM Prepared To Meet Summer Electricity Demand. (Inside Lines)

Mid-Atlantic solar advocates watch with concern as shared solar efforts hit snags. (Energy News Network)


State legislation would mandate all-electric new construction

The All-Electric Building Act would require new homes and most new commercial buildings to have all-electric heating and cooling systems to fight climate change. (NY Business Jounral)


Latest sustainability news from across the net.

China Triples Solar Investments as Clean Energy Push Accelerates. (Bloomberg)

BP aims to invest more in renewables and clean energy (The Guardian)

Corporate clean energy procurement on track for another record year after adding 11 GW in 2021. (Utility Dive)

Look beyond bid price and lease fees to win in trillion-dollar offshore wind sector (Woodmac)


Latest technology news from across the net.

'More, more, more': Biden’s clean grid hinges on power lines. (E&E News)

How the Colonial Pipeline attack instilled urgency in cybersecurity. (Utility Dive)

Is climate tech the hottest corner of the VC business in the 2020s? (Green Biz)

Utilities push back against growth of rooftop solar panels. (NBC News)


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